RG group is truly an example of inspiring leadership that has descended from a great Afghan father, Mr Sardar Khan to his son, Dr Rahmatullah Gouhar. The son, began breathing each word that his great father said, were;

  •    Our dreams should be bigger.
  •    Our ambitions even higher.
  •    Our commitments deeper, still.
  •    Our efforts unrepeatable harder.

But above all, our passion and empathy for the land and its Afghan people, without measure.

The iron resolve that Dr Rahmatullah Gouhar exudes was imbibed as young Rahmat grew in the Khost province of Afghanistan observing the plight of impoverished, helpless, and sick people of his loving country. A country, that has been ravaged by uncountable forced wars and tyranny of both foreign and internal feuds on the soil of motherland.

When young Rahmat, began his medical education in the friendly country -India, he did not forget his country and countrymen and their needs. By the time he finished his formal education he began putting Sardar Khan’s dreams and his resolve to help the sick, back in his homeland into action.

In March 2016, young Dr Rahmatullah Gouhar laid the foundation of his company, Sardar Gouhar, Ltd. and named it up on his inspirational mentor father, Mr Sardar Khan.

  1. a. To serve, the people of Afghanistan and provide them with world class quality medicines at an affordable prices.
  2. b. To improve the quality and prolonging healthier in the people of Afghanistan.
  3. c. To provide and care to the best for all our customers, workers and partners in achieving these goals for the sick and infirm in Afghanistan.

RG group believes in bringing a positive change and making a difference for a better tomorrow.


Our slogan 'We Care, He Heals' represents our strong faith and belief in The God and his wish that is also replicated in the company's functioning & dealings.

  1. a. To improve the standard of living and to create a friendly environment, which spreads love & harmony among all the people of Afghanistan.
  2. b. To achieve the leadership role in healthcare and wellness and deliver that with utmost empathy for well-being of the society.
Initiatives & Goals:

In a short span, RG has achieved the title of the biggest distributorship in Afghanistan. It has a network of committed distributorship and franchises with shared goals and vision in 23 states of the country. With hundreds of well-trained marketing staffs the portfolio of RG group medicines are fast becoming the household name for world class quality and affordable medicines for a large number of aliments.

Our portfolio of medicines has a wide range that includes; antihypertensive, diuretics, oral hypoglycaemics, antibiotics, steroids antacids, anti-allergic, and multivitamins etc.

Always facing towards the shining guiding light of our motto ““We Care - He Heals” we are manufacturing a large number of these quality medicines at facilities conforming with international standards. We are also sourcing a few high-class quality products and services from outside the country; Lachi Pharma, Italy and Geo Poland, Poland (Europe) and Innova Captab and Ravenbhel (India ).

We aim to begin manufacturing within Afghanistan and reduce our dependence as – a step toward our country’s development and self-sufficiency, human resource development, creating an unique business for high-skilled employment opportunities and wealth creation for the people of the country.

With highest business ethics, RG group aims to achieve a respectable identity as a Afghanistan business, not only at the national but also at the international platforms.


RG group medications serves various aliments & has a wide range that consists of Antihypertensive and Diuretics, Oral hypoglycemic, Ant-biotics, Steroids, Antacids, Anti-Allergic, Multivitamins, etc.


Sardar Khan is the son of Lajbar Khan, born on 04/09/1955 in a poor but religious family. In the vicinity of khost provincial capital an area called Lakhan. He has completed his high school in the local high school but later on in order to have resisted against the red forces of Soviet Union, just like many other Afghans, has migrated to Mir Ali of Pakhtunkhwa and has suffered the tough days of the immigration. During the immigrations into Pakistan, not only Sardar but many other Afghans have looked for a way out of the tougher times and sought to work in the countries abroad in order to make a living for their families. Sardar Khan has been one of them and has moved to one of the gulf countries, Kuwait.

In order to survive the livings costs and the environment, he has begun to work as a daily voyager but the strong determination and the love he had for higher education, gave him the motivation to seek for higher education. He enlisted himself in for acquiring a degree in civil engineering while working as well. Fortunately, a couple of years later, he was blessed with receiving a degree in Civil Engineering. With the professional management and leadership skills that Sardar khan has carried and has implemented, this company has been able to carry its functions in numerous countries and is serving the humanity in the areas of construction and re-construction.


Rahmatullah Gouhar the proud son of Sardar Khan and a grandson of Lajbar Khan, is a resident of Khost’s provincial capital, Lakhan Qumar sar area. He was born in the lower Pakhtunkhwa in the year of 02/09/1990 his fate and destiny has not been any different than any other Afghan refugee child. He has faced hunger, thirst and has lived below the line of poverty. Facing financial and economic issues, his family had been strong and decided that their son should receive education.

WWith the invasion of Soviet Union in Afghanistan, they were forced to flee and live in exultant. He was admitted to the refugee school for preliminary education in the Waziristan area of Mir Ali Lower Pakhtunkhwa. He then acquired his middle level education in India in Starex International School.

Receiving higher education was one of the dreams Rahmatullah Gouhar has had, followed by a strong determination, He applied for MBBS in the SS Institute of Medical & Research Centre Davagnere Karnataka India and is now at his final year. Since Mr. Gouhar has sufficient experience with the whereabouts of medicine and is being bothered by the current situation in his country, in order to create an opportunity to allow him to fight with the current tragedies and adversities in his country, he has decided to import the quality medicine from India to Afghanistan through an importing company. Alongside his studies, he runs this company as well. Rahmatullah Gouhar is known and respected for his friendly behaviour among friends and family members. Like his father, he is determined, workaholic, hardworking, diligent and is a well-informed personality and has always strived to help those in need.